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About the Stow Conservation Trust

The Stow Conservation Trust (SCT), located in Stow, Massachusetts, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The Trust was founded in 1977 by a small group of concerned citizens who perceived the significance of the town in relation to its greater environment. Our purpose is to assist in and promote the preservation and conservation of land in Stow. We feel our membership provides a rich resource for the town in achieving these goals. Stow Conservation Trust is a 100% volunteer organization.

Our Mission

To lead in the preservation of Stow's open land and natural and scenic resources.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To partner with the Town and other conservation groups in guiding development and in protecting key resources, including those high on the Open Space Prioritization list.
  2. To assist in establishment and maintenance of a trail network within and linking Stow's conserved lands to further Stow's sense of community and to deepen its residents' relationship with the land.
  3. To foster a community spirit of stewardship for our natural resources through educational programs and outings.
  4. To serve as a resource to the community and landowners in developing conservation solutions.

Stow Conservation Trust Directors

Robert Wilbur, President Eve Donahue, Treasurer
Don Rising, Clerk
Susan Crane, Vice President
Alan Fierce
Richard Perkins
Janet Kresl Moffat
John Beusch, Director Emeritus
John Sangermano
Carol Gumbart
Carole Sureau
Margie Lynch
Clif Smith

Read more about our Directors here: Director Bios

Email us

US mail
Stow Conservation Trust
Box 397, Stow, MA 01775

The Way We Look At It...
Protection, care and celebration of the land. Over the years, this has resonated with Stow citizens. It is a continuing process of appreciation for what the land gives us–from the bugs and skunk cabbage to the tall trees and diversity of birds; from its contribution to a healthy environment of fresh air and clean water to providing a buffer from congestion, crowding, and heavy demands on our town that come with too many houses too quickly. Whether you go out on the land or not, it has a significant impact on us all.

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