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Stow Conservation Trust is the only non-profit group dedicated solely to the preservation of open space in our town. The Trust has several projects that you can donate to specifically, and a general fund for donations to to be used at the discretion of the Trust. We also accept commemorative donations honoring individuals.
Your membership helps make the Stow Conservation Trust possible. Membership donations support operational expenses such as insurance, property maintenance and publications.
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Corzine Property
We are currently fundraising for our most recent acquisition -- a 31.6 acre parcel in the southwest quadrant of Stow purchased from the Corzine family in October 2008. This parcel abuts the Hale Woodlands (24.3 acres), purchased by SCT in 2005. These two SCT purchases now protect a total of 55 acres in a part of Stow that previously had relatively little conserved, open land.

Rail Trail Stow Conservation Trust
The Stow Conservation Trust has contributed $50,000 toward purchase by the Town of Stow of an extensive easement on "Track Road" between Sudbury Road and White Pond Road for rail trail and public access purposes. With this purchase, the town now has contiguous access along the entire 1.85 miles between Sudbury Road and the Stow-Maynard town line - the longest uninterrupted segment in the 12.5 mile, five-community rail trail. This scenic and recreational resource brings Stow a step closer to connecting to the multi-town rail trail network that, when completed, would extend from Marlborough to the South Acton Commuter Rail station.

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