Harvest Ball


Annual Harvest Ball
Not occurring this year

It is with great regret that we announce that the Stow Conservation Trust (SCT) Harvest Ball will not be occurring this fall. This community event brought together people in celebration of the thousands of acres of open space preserved in Stow by SCT.

SCT has organized the Harvest Ball in Stow as a fundraiser for our organization for the past 14 years. Our profits depend on us being able to use a venue with reasonable rental fees, a caterer who gives us a substantial break on our food costs and obtaining the profits from the bar. Regrettably, we have not been able to find a location for this year and will not have a Harvest Ball.

SCT is a 100% volunteer organization, and we would like to thank all the enthusiastic volunteers that have been a part of the Harvest Ball over the years. Your efforts have raised over $150,000 that have been vital in our efforts to preserve Stow’s special character.

If you value Stow as a special place, take a moment to appreciate that the preserved lands are free of development because of the efforts of volunteers working on the local level. Each preserved property has a different story but can be linked to an individual caring about Stow’s future. We encourage you to enjoy the open space in town and to be a part of SCT’s success. Check out the maps and property descriptions.

We hope you will continue to support our other fundraisers including the Bike for the Woods, Run for the Woods and our annual fund drive.

Sincerely, The Harvest Ball committee
Carol Gumbart, Janet Moffat, Anne Carley, Barbara Frank, Marianne Sharin

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