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Our Mission: To lead in the preservation of Stow's open land and natural and scenic resources
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Support SCT by becoming a Red Acre Woodlands Boardwalk Sponsor.
While no saying is too small, you can request up to three lines (in a space of 2"x 4") for a donation of $50.00. Download a request form here.
Stow Conservation Trust 1977-2017

Come enjoy the snow with SCT.
Cross Country Ski Carver Hill Orchards on Saturday, Feb 11 starting at 3.
Ski the varied terrain of the property which could become Stow’s newest CR. Meet at the parking lot at the end of Brookside Ave.

Pop Up Snow Creatures: Bring your family to SCT's Leggett property to make snow sculptures along the trail on Sunday, Feb 12. Enjoy the music station while you are there. Fun will start at 10 am. Parking on Whitman Rd just beyond Rte 62.

Experience the beauty of Stow.
Explore a Stow Conservation Trust property!
Join a “first Sunday of each month” hike,
as part of SCT’s 40th Anniversary Year.

Date: Sunday, March 5th
Time: 9:30 AM
Location: Red Acre Woodland

Please note, in the case of very bad weather, first Sunday hikes will be cancelled. If significant snow is on the ground, consider bringing snowshoes. Well-behaved dogs, on leash, are always welcomed!

Forty Years of Conservation
Stow Conservation Trust (SCT) is turning 40 in 2017. To celebrate, we are organizing 40 small events to encourage people to get to know SCT and get outdoors. We are looking for volunteers to help organize the events. For more information contact Carol Gumbart at 978-505-0189.

Crops with tractor, Save Stow Farms

Save Stow's Farms Initiative
The Stow Conservation Trust (“SCT”), with support from the Town of Stow and many others, is embarking on an exciting new campaign called “Save Stow’s Farms.” We are working with local farmers to craft cost-effective strategies to preserve their land and help their farms remain viable businesses ­ for the benefit of Stow residents and farmers for generations to come.
As part of our Save Stow’s Farms initiative, we would like to raise awareness of the importance of all of Stow’s farms. Two current projects under this campaign are the permanent protection of the Carver Hill Orchard and Small Farm.

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Stow Conservation Trust Looking for “Stew Crew”

The Stow Conservation Trust is looking for volunteers who like to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We’re putting together a Stewardship Crew who would regularly meet
on the same day (maybe Wednesdays and/or Saturdays) for a couple of hours each time and tackle whatever job needs to be done: trail maintenance, invasive species removal,
storm cleanup, etc. SCT owns seven properties in Stow and manages fourteen more so there’s always something that needs doing. In addition we’ve just had professional
foresters complete Forest Stewardship Plans for most of the properties we own, and they recommend we create some new trails and thin young tree growth to enhance the vitality
of the forests.
If you live near Hale/Corzine, Leggett, Fieldstone, Red Acre, or any of SCT’s other properties, or if you’re an outdoors person who needs a good reason to regularly get outside, now is your chance to help care for some of our beautiful Stow conservation land. Please email or call Eve Donahue 897-3724
or Dick Perkins 897-5297 to join our “Stew Crew”, and thanks!

stewardship volunteers who turned out to make a new loop trail at Red Acre Woodlands, Stow, MA For our first Stew Crew we had a spectacularly successful event, with 10 people working to build the new Beech Tree Loop trail at Red Acre. With that many people it took us less than two hours to complete. Don Rising led the group and here's a list of the others that showed up:

Clif Smith
Cliff Sharin
Bill Wachur
Bill Werner
Bill Hunt
Jack Zettler
Greg Jackson
Craig Michaelson
Eve Donahue

Three people cutting ribbon to signify opening of new land use in the woods
SCT contributes
to the purchase of property on South Acton Road

In July, the Stow Conservation Trust (SCT) played an instrumental role in the permanent conservation of a small, but critically important, area of wooded upland located off of South Acton Road.
Working in close partnership with the Town, SCT - through the extra generosity of its conservation-minded supporters - was able to contribute $75,000 to help prevent the development of property owned formerly by the Brewer Family into one or more building sites. By ensuring that this land remain as intact woodland, SCT and Town conservation interests have functionally linked the Captain Sargent Conservation Area with other conserved land in the vicinity, enabled the creation of a high priority connector hiking trail on the land, and preserved the integrity of the current unbroken natural view shed along South Acton Road.
Special thanks to all of those who provided funds to support that effort.
Trailhead at Legett Woods

Get Outside and Take a Hike!

The Leggett Memorial Woodlands are a great place to get out for a 1.2 mile walk in the woods. The terrain is flat. Newly expanded parking is available off Whitman Street, just past the intersection with Rte 62.

Legett Trail map

Our trail guides are available as maps and written trail descriptions by downloading files from the Trail Guides page or purchase a booklet at the Town Offices in the Conservation Commission office.

chart of tick images showing black legged (deer) ticks, dog ticks and lone star ticks
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Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease
Unfortunately, the deer tick population is increasing in our area of Massachusetts, not only out in the woods (where they are very prevalent) but also in our yards, golf courses, and orchards. Not all deer ticks carry the Lyme disease bacteria, but some do. (They need to pick up the bacteria from an infected host animal, typically a white-footed mouse or chipmunk.) As a result, everyone in Stow, not just hikers on our many, wonderful SCT trails, needs to be informed about the hazards of deer ticks, how best to avoid being "bitten," and what to do if you, a member of your family, or your pet has been bitten.
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Let 2017 be your year of involvement in SCT

Volunteer with SCT

Volunteer opportunities with SCT to help protect our open space and rural character. Stow Conservation Trust is a 100% volunteer organization. You can help with:

  • Helping SCT have a presence on Facebook
  • Publicity and sponsorship for the Run for the Woods,
  • Development of a Nature Discovery Trail for toddlers on the Leggett Property,
  • Land and trail maintenance,
  • Organizational needs…
Please contact Janet Moffat at moffatjando at
Like to get out in nature with your camera?
If you have a photo or photos you would like to contribute for use on the header of this page send an email to cortni.frecha at gmail dot com.

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