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SCT is pleased to make available trail maps and narrative hiking guides for many of the conservation lands in Stow. The trail maps were prepared under the auspices of the Stow Conservation Commission and their cooperation in allowing SCT to include these on our website is most appreciated. The hiking guides have been written by SCT volunteer, Jill Phelps Kern, and SCT is very grateful for her fine work on this ongoing project. Thanks also to Josh Natanson for converting the trail maps to images for the site.

Also, thanks to Jill and a number of other individuals who made it possible to publish, the Stow Trail Guide.
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Maps (.jpg on screen viewing or printable: select from list)

Hiking Guides (.doc file written descriptions)
Stow Conservation Trust's Land Use Policy
Stow's Hike-able Conservation Lands (An Introduction)
Captain Sargent Farm Conservation Area Hiking Guide
Conservation Lands Tour (new 3-4 hour multi-trail hike!)
Delaney Project - North Parcel
Delaney Project - South Parcel
Fieldstone Property
Flagg Hill Hiking Guide
Gardner Hill/Town Forest Conservation Area Hiking Guide - Ramble
Gardner Hill/Town Forest Conservation Area Hiking Guide - Challenge
Heath Hen Meadow Brook Woodland
Marble Hill Conservation Area
Marlborough-Sudbury State Forest
Red Acre Foundation Land

The Stow Conservation Commission also has available a large trail guide for the Flagg Hill Conservation Area that includes history and regulations. Copies of the various trail guides are available at the Conservation Commission office in the Stow Town Building. Any questions regarding usage of the conservation lands should be directed to the Conservation Commission. Call Pat Perry at the Conservation Commission office, 978-897-8615.

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