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Stow Conservation Trust Stow, Massachusetts
Our Mission: To lead in the preservation of Stow's open land and natural and scenic resources
brook with snow and red twigged shrubs
view of Elizabeth Brook, photo David Phoenix
Support SCT by becoming a Red Acre Woodlands Boardwalk Sponsor.
While no saying is too small, you can request up to three lines (in a space of 2"x 4") for a donation of $50.00. Download a request form here.

2nd Annual Spring Peeper Contest

What will you be doing during April School Vacation? Are you ready for a fun family outdoor adventure?

Clues to Find Spring Peeper Posters in the Leggett Memorial Woodland (Posters 1 & 2)
Clues to Find Spring Peeper Posters in the Hale-Corzine Woodland (Posters 3 & 4)
Clues to Find Spring Peeper Posters in the Red Acre Woodland (Posters 5 & 6)

Important Notes: Any time youíre out on the trails check yourself and your clothing for ticks
beware of poison ivy: the vines are hairy, the berries are white and the leaves are in 3ís
and use appropriate footwear as some of the trails are rough and wet.

The Stow Conservation Trust (SCT) is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Spring Peeper Contest.
Find all six (6) of the Spring Peeper posters located in some of SCTís Conservation properties (Red Acre Woodlands, Leggett Woodland and Hale-Corzine). The hunt for the spring peeper posters will run between April 16 and April 26. Look for the posters on your own or check back here for clues as the contest gets underway.

Submit photos of all six (6) posters (displaying the poster number) or submit sufficient written details of the location the posters were found to and you will be entered into a drawing to win a family membership to Mass Audubon (a value of $65). Submission deadline is May Day, Thursday, May 1, 2014. Include your name and a phone number with your submission in case we need to contact you.

Have fun!

All are Welcome,multiple photos from 2013 Run

Coming in May
Our 16th Annual Run for the Woods

May 18, 2014

8:00 Race Day Registration/Number Pickup Opens
9:00 1-Mile Kids’ Fun Run
9:50 5-Kilometer Race Walking Race
10:00 5-Kilometer Road Running Race
10:01 5-Kilometer Recreational Walk
10:01 5-Kilometer Dog Walk

Registration $25 for 5K, $15 for kids run
Register Online at (there's a discount for early registration)

Run for the Woods Poster Contest (click here)

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Sureau Charcoal Rock

Take a Hike!

Our trail guides are available as maps and written trail descriptions by downloading files from the Trail Guides page or purchase a booklet at the Town Offices in the Conservation Commission office.

chart of tick images showing black legged (deer) ticks, dog ticks and lone star ticks
photo from
Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease
Unfortunately, the deer tick population is increasing in our area of Massachusetts, not only out in the woods (where they are very prevalent) but also in our yards, golf courses, and orchards. Not all deer ticks carry the Lyme disease bacteria, but some do. (They need to pick up the bacteria from an infected host animal, typically a white-footed mouse or chipmunk.) As a result, everyone in Stow, not just hikers on our many, wonderful SCT trails, needs to be informed about the hazards of deer ticks, how best to avoid being "bitten," and what to do if you, a member of your family, or your pet has been bitten.
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