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While no saying is too small, you can request up to three lines (in a space of 2"x 4") for a donation of $50.00. Download a request form here.
Information on Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease

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14th Annual Stow Bike for the Woods, August 23, 2015

On-site registration starts at 8:30am, and the ride begins at 9am.
The starting line is at the Randall Library in Stow, at the intersection of Rt. 62 and 117.

Advance registration is $15 per rider over 12 years old, $10 per child. Register online or print the form here and mail it in at the address on the form. Event Day registration is $20 for riders over 12 and $15 per child.

Your registration fee (except the small charge by will go straight to the SCT.

Delicious Snacks and drinks are provided at the start, all donated by local businesses.

For more information:

Trailhead at Legett Woods

Get Outside and Take a Hike!

The Leggett Memorial Woodlands are a great place to get out for a 1.2 mile walk in the woods. The terrain is flat and the trails were recently cleared. Parking is available off Whitman Street, just past the intersection with Rte 62.

Legett Trail map

Our trail guides are available as maps and written trail descriptions by downloading files from the Trail Guides page or purchase a booklet at the Town Offices in the Conservation Commission office.

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Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease
Unfortunately, the deer tick population is increasing in our area of Massachusetts, not only out in the woods (where they are very prevalent) but also in our yards, golf courses, and orchards. Not all deer ticks carry the Lyme disease bacteria, but some do. (They need to pick up the bacteria from an infected host animal, typically a white-footed mouse or chipmunk.) As a result, everyone in Stow, not just hikers on our many, wonderful SCT trails, needs to be informed about the hazards of deer ticks, how best to avoid being "bitten," and what to do if you, a member of your family, or your pet has been bitten.
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Let 2015 be your year of involvement in SCT

Volunteer with SCT

Volunteer opportunities with SCT to help protect our open space and rural character. Stow Conservation Trust is a 100% volunteer organization. You can help with:

  • Helping SCT have a presence on Facebook
  • Publicity and sponsorship for the Run for the Woods,
  • Development of a Nature Discovery Trail for toddlers on the Leggett Property,
  • Land and trail maintenance,
  • Organizational needs…
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