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Barred Owl

To lead in the preservation of Stow's open land and natural and scenic resources.

Stow Conservation Trust (SCT) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that serves the community of Stow, MA.   We are YOUR local Land Trust.  Our purpose is to assist in and promote the conservation of land in Stow.  We feel our membership provides a rich resource for the town in achieving these goals.  Founded in 1977, Stow Conservation Trust is a 100% volunteer organization.


Protection, care and celebration of the land.  Over the years, this has resonated with Stow citizens.  It is a continuing process of appreciation for what the land gives us – from the bugs and skunk cabbage to the tall trees and diversity of birds; from its contribution to a healthy environment to providing a buffer from congestion, crowding, and heavy demands that come with too many houses too quickly.  Whether you go out on the land or not, it has a significant impact on us all.

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