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The Stow Conservation Trust conducts stewardship activities on our properties to promote ecological and recreational values.  There is an active group of volunteers, known as the Stew Crew, who provide invaluable help.

Activities may include pulling invasive plants or helping to construct a board walk over wet terrain.  To get involved with the Stew Crew send an email to or check out some upcoming events below.

You can also contact us to explore other ways to volunteer.

Land Stewardship

Stew Crew building a boardwalk

Shepherd Boardwalk


Currently, our primary land stewardship project is the construction of a new boardwalk on the Shepherd property which abuts Captain Sargent.  Beaver activity has resulted in the need for a boardwalk into this lovely property to replace the “Failed Boardwalk” on the map shown below.  A rerouting of the trail requires two new, short boardwalks as well.  Please considering donating directly to the construction costs of this boardwalk.  To do so, choose Shepherd Boardwalk in the donation form: 

Shepherd Grant 2023(4).jpg

Upcoming Events

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