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Annual Meeting of the Members

17 November 2021


The 44th Annual Meeting of Stow Conservation Trust was once again held via Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


President Bob Wilber called the meeting to order 7:06.  He thanked everyone for gathering and noted the odd yet shared experience of the past year and a half or more of pandemic life.  He then gave a Land Acknowledgement – the place where we all live is the traditional, contemporary, and unceded territory of indigenous people – and delivered a presentation emphasizing the ever-increasing importance of conservation.  


President Wilber then began the business portion of the meeting.  Minutes of the 2020 meeting were approved with no amendments.


Vice President Susan Crane ran an Election of Directors. Clif Smith and Susan Crane were reelected for another three-year term.  An Election of Officers was next.  Bob Wilber was nominated for President, Susan Crane for Vice President, Jeff Ritterson for Clerk, Eve Donahue for Treasurer, and Don Rising for Assistant Treasurer.  All were elected for one-year terms for the respective positions.


Treasurer Eve Donahue gave an FY2021 financial report, ending august 31st, 2021.  Our income was larger than our expenses this year.  Most income (61%) came from grants and donations that were restricted in use for the conservation of Hallock Point and Stow Acres.  Another large source (24%) of income was membership dues.  Most of the expenses were land deal expenses, the largest of which was for Stow Acres in the form of planning expenses and appraisal fees.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as written, all in favor.


John Sangermano led a Year in Review for stewardship activities, sincerely thanking Stew Crew participants.  In total, 16 events were held which included invasive plant work, trail work, and special projects including installation of the Story Walk at Leggett Woodland.


President Wilber reviewed our land protection activities.  It was an eventful year.  Hallock Point was protected – the last significant undeveloped parcels on Lake Boon!  Also, major progress was made on the protection of Stow Acres Country Club following rumblings in the spring of a full development of the property.  Stow Conservation Trust engaged a talented planner and approached the town, the owner, and prospective developer to work towards a more desirable outcome.  That process was successful.


A selection of lovely photos from Barbara Boswell was shown for the entertainment portion of the evening.


Bob thanked everyone for their support and membership.  We look forward to gathering again in person.


The meeting concluded at 8:30.


Respectfully submitted,


Jeff Ritterson, Clerk

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